Why is capturing memories so important?

22 Apr 2021 | Motherhood

Recently, I caught up with Olivia from Everlasting Casting Memories to understand why she feels capturing memories is so important, and I have to say I completely agree with her.

Most of us have been in the situation where we have lost a loved one, and we would give anything to be able to hear their voice again, see their face or to simply sit and hold their hand. But the feeling of loss is often softened over time because of the memories both physical and intangible we have.

Memories are not just vital to remember those who we have lost, but also they’re an amazing way to time stamp. By capturing memories important to us, like the print of our baby’s feet, the first tooth lost or a lock of hair, it imprints on our mind and gives us an opportunity to relive these moments.

Everlasting Memories Casting

Why you need to create memories

Olivia sums it up that memories are ‘not only are what we remember from the past, they are memories of the emotions we felt too.

Memories have a way of capturing your heart, bringing instant smiles and tears to your face, and sometimes that longing feeling, for just one more minute back in time. That’s why 3D casts are so beautiful to me, they are a moment in time to admire and hold, whilst you remember and feel;

  • Your babies little tiny hands and feet, the same hands that decided to draw on the wall and be proudly point it out, to show you that they made you a picture.
  • The love for your partner as you hold hands for eternity, flooding you with memories of how you met, those very first dates that had you smiling for days, and the silly things they did to impress you. 
  • Your family dogs paw, the paw that causes mischief and gets away with it, because those big beady eyes pull on your heart strings (and they know it!).
  • Or your loved one’s hand, their every wrinkle and crease to run your finger down, the rings they wore that reminds you of them, and the beauty that you can hold their hand forever, even though they are sadly no longer her with us.

Memories are treasures to me. 

Treasures I love to help others create because I know how meaningful they are, and how sometimes, they are all we have left of someone we wish to have with us forever.’

So if you feel you would like to capture a moment in time, please do contact Olivia and see how she can help make this a reality.

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