Tiny Talk: Mid Kent

31 Jul 2019 | Classes, Motherhood, New Mums

We were recently invited to attend a baby signing class with Tiny Talk Mid Kent and I have to say I have found a new favourite class! 

Anna who runs the class is one of the most natural teachers I have seen in this industry, not only did she immediately make Holly and Liam feel very welcome, but she also helped me relax after a somewhat stressful morning of toddler tantrums. Anna was very informative and just so friendly, so even when we joined a large class we felt like we fit in straight away!

This class is really more for babies so it was perfect for Liam (11 months) and Holly (2 years old) was able to enjoy it as she become Anna’s big helper! 

The class started off by exploring the theme of the day, today we were ‘visiting the farm’. With a wheel barrow full of teddies the temptation became too much for Liam and he made his way over deciding the bird was his chosen teddy. My instincts kicked in to make sure he didn’t take anything, however instantly Anna reassured me that Liam could explore so I relaxed and left him to it. 

The group then made their way through signing animals, learning the correct hand placements for words such as bird, duck and many more animals. Anna is so animated that it kept all the children entertained but more importantly focused on learning as well. 

Next up were some class songs and with the aid of the music sheets it was easier for a newbie like me to take part. Liam was really enjoying all the music and the actions which seemed to be a sensory delight to him! 

Even though the children didn’t appear to be restless, there was then a complete change of tempo, as we were encouraged to stand up carrying our children and walk around ‘exploring the farm’. Liam was thrilled with this as it was a different perspective of the group and new activity. 

In keeping with the current speed of the Tiny Talk class we were then asked to sit on the chairs and to Liam’s absolute delight we sang a song which required the babies to be tilted backwards down our legs. Liam wasn’t the only one enjoying this with many of the little ones continuing to throw themselves back even after the song had finished! It was such a lovely fun bonding moment!

To ensure the little ones remained entertained and didn’t start to loose concentration, the musical instruments came out, closely followed by a box of toys. During this free play time the parents were given tea, coffee and biscuits were even offered up as a little treat for everyone. This was a really nice part of the class as it gave parents a chance to talk and you could clearly see relationships had been formed. It’s such a great way to discuss parenting experiences and stages you are at with your Little ones as more often than not the other mums back you up or offer great advice. 

I also noticed how Anna took the time to make sure she had spoken to everyone individually inquiring about their weeks and general chit chat and it was so nice to know she cares about the families coming into her classes. Full of knowledge and understanding she is great to speak to! 

I also loved how much attention she gave to Holly. Being the eldest by quite a bit it was a bit harder for Holly in this class as it wasn’t really for her.  But Anna took the time to read a book with her which made her feel special.
The class ended in a relaxed informal manner (much like the rest of the class) with people leaving when they were ready and not feeling pushed out. 

I loved this class so much, it didn’t feel like a class you come to because you have to for the children, it felt like a little community and the perfect class for new mums in Kent to know about.

Lots of Information at the Class