The surprising reason I created the Kent Mum Tribe community

11 Jan 2021 | Motherhood, Mums to be

When I had my daughter (over four years ago now), after the first two weeks of paternity leave with my husband, like most mums I was quickly propelled into the life of motherhood. I found myself in a position of feeling an overwhelming responsibility and expectation that I should know how to do everything my baby needed.

Before my daughter had been born, I had researched what groups were available to me in my local children’s centre and I will forever be grateful that I signed up to the ‘You and Your Baby’ group.

Me with my daughter Holly.

Making mum friends

Holly was four weeks old when I went to the first session. About 15 women all piled into the room, with heavy car seats, bags packed with milk and nappies for an emergency and the heavy weight of motherhood on their shoulders.

We were all first time mums in this group and the thing that I loved most, was the honesty in the group.

No one felt the need to cover anything up. We were all tired, we were all new at this and we all needed someone.

When this course came to a close 10 of us remained very good friends and even to this day we Whats App message in our group weekly.

I had always heard of mum friends and I was incredibly lucky that I made some amazing friends who really helped me through some extremely tough times in my life. 

Holly’s foot prints from the first session.

Support as a mum

I think something which can be heavily overlooked when you become a mum, is just how much support you really need. And it doesn’t stop just because your child is now a bit older. There will always be doubt in your mind about whether you’re ‘doing it right’. And in those lowest moments you need support.

And it was only when I started speaking to some other friends who had become mums, that I realised not everyone had been as lucky as I had and made this incredible connection with their NCT group or children’s centre group.

That didn’t sit well with me.

In the creation of On the Doorstep, supporting mums has always been at that heart of that, so naturally, the Kent Mum Tribe was born.

I wanted to create a safe space for mums to come and share all the rants, worries, funny memes they wanted to. Sometimes you just need someone there to listen and respond who really gets what you’re going through.

Motherhood and Covid

Now more than ever mums need each other. We’ve all heard that saying it takes a village to raise a family. Well that village is gone now thanks to covid. Everything has moved online and with it so have our communities.

I can’t offer a physical meet up, but what I can offer is a kind space to come and be mums together and get through this.

So if you need this in your life, come over and join us now.

The Peanut App

You might also be interested in the latest addition to the On the Doorstep pregnancy directory, the Peanut App. This offers to help combat loneliness amongst mother’s ins Kent by connecting them with other local mums. For more information, click here.