The Power of Puppy Love

28 Mar 2019 | My Stories

Today we met the newest member of the family, Bella, and it was love at first sight! I felt like a child waiting to come downstairs on Christmas day when we walked up to the front door to my brother-in-laws house, I was just so full of excitement.

When we entered the front door little Bella came bounding towards us. Fortunately, with us having a large Labrador, Holly wasn’t too bothered at all with the playfulness of the puppy and actually was just excited to see her cousin instead. I however was a different story altogether.

To begin with we kept our Louis on the lead to ensure he would be gentle enough around Bella and it was incredible to see the friendly giant he turned into instantly. Once they were let into the garden together it was a mixture of teasing and mischievousness from Bella and cautious steps and nervous turns from Louis (I imagine not wanting to step on the puppy he had just met who was jumping so high it seemed like she had springs built into her legs!) I couldn’t believe how he was almost like a big brother to her, with three and a half years between them, natural instinct was there to protect her. This quickly changed once Louis understood Bella was a lot sturdier than she looked and he soon become the instigator of play and asserting his authority by taking any toy she decided to play with.

This behaviour was almost mirrored watching Holly playing with her cousin. Holly is a year younger than her cousin so a toddler and a three-year-old is always going to be interesting, they are now both so independent and have their own ideas on how to play that a bit of friction is always inevitable between the girls. With Holly being the toddler I was constantly having to remind her to share and to give to toy back. It felt like anywhere I looked one of my little ones was taking toys. Liam had even set himself up nicely inside with some teddies!

By the end of our time together Bella was absolutely wiped out and conked on the pillow she decided would now be her bed. Anytime she was near me I just had this overwhelming happiness and it got me thinking about the benefits of owning a dog. I certainly feel happiness daily around Louis and I feel that even on immediate contact with him I always de-stress or have such strong feelings of love for him, and it’s such a nice feeling to have in this busy world. He makes me stop and think and he makes me appreciate.  

Before owning a dog, I didn’t mind walking, but I would never have thought to just go for a nice long walk, but with Louis this is a regular requirement and joy. The amount of times I have been able to stop on the top of hill and enjoy the sunshine, or pause on the beach to listen to the waves or even just run around acting really silly and always laughing is completely down to him. So I really hope that Bella gives her new family the same new outlook on life Louis did for me and after today I certainly have a bit of extra room in my heart for little Bella.