On the doorstep is born

21 Mar 2019 | My Stories

Hello and thanks for joining me!

My name’s Laura, I’m a stay at home mum with two children and I make it my business to have as much fun as possible with them using all our local attractions and creating fun activities to do at home.

My blog will aim to bring you exciting and fun activities you can enjoy with your little ones to get through the teething cries and the toddler tantrums and to really enjoy everything that comes with staying at home with your little ones and their amazing personalities.

I will also look into life as a stay at home mum and share tips and tricks for our every day busy lives.

But it’s not all about them, we also need to find some ‘me’ time, so I will exploring the world of health and fitness and our wellbeing. Because if we’re not fit and strong how can we be the best for those around us!

My goal is to explore as much as possible to give my little girl, my little boy and all of you who join our journey, the best our doorsteps have to offer!

So, as a result, on the doorstep is born!

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