The Importance of Tummy Time

3 Mar 2021 | Motherhood

Written by Laura, Little Discoveries Guide Partner

Supporting your baby to participate in tummy time right from the start has many benefits, including;

  • Development of strong neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Develops core strength, which is required for rolling over, sitting up, crawling and eventually walking.
  • Promotes gross motor skills.
  • Can help prevent flat head syndrome.

The sooner you introduce tummy time to your baby the better, as the earlier they become comfortable in this position on their front, the more they will gain. You should aim for a couple of minutes, three or four times a day to begin with and gradually increase over time.

How to achieve tummy time with babies

In the early day’s tummy time can simply be achieved through skin to skin contact, chest to chest. Before moving onto using aids such as a nursing pillow or rolled up blanket beneath baby to support them. Then using a baby gym, play mat or water mat on the floor.

Be sure to interact with your baby during tummy time, ensuring that you are making it an enjoyable part of their daily routine.

  • Lie on the floor alongside or face to face with your baby.
  • Talk, sing or share a story book together.
  • Participate in baby massage.
  • Introduce age appropriate toys at your baby’s eye level, in reach of them. As they begin to make more movements, you can move the toys slightly out of reach to encourage reaching and grasping.

Our ‘Baby’s First Sensory Water Mat’ and ‘My First Sensory Box’ are perfect additions for those initial months when introducing tummy time.


  • Avoid tummy time straight after feeds
  • Little and often is key.
  • Make it enjoyable!

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