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2 Apr 2019 | Activities, Baby & Toddler Groups, Online Services, Things to Do

Website homepage

I was recently invited to review the Club Hub which is great timing as I am looking to find lots of different types of activities for babies and toddlers in Kent! The Club Hub is a directory doing just that, identifying groups local to you, so let’s take a look…

The directory comes in both web and app form, so I am going to take a look at the website from a ‘Club Seeker’ point of view. Instantly you understand from the imagery and colours that it’s intended to assist in finding children’s groups and activities (not that an adult would think turtle tots was for them) and to help you get started it has a really simple search panel allowing to filter by location, age and interest.

As soon as I begin to type I’m presented with a drop down list to select the area I’m looking for, after three letters ‘Ash’ I select ‘Ashford UK’, move onto state age as ‘2’ and decide to search for ‘all types’ of activities for a bit of inspiration.

When the search has loaded, it shows me they have found 54 classes within my search range. As I have searched an entire location as opposed to a post code the classes are arrange alphabetically. Actually…they’re not I just assumed that because BabyBallet came first, but the classes seem to be loaded in a random manner. Anyway, the next thing I noticed were repeated logo’s and I realised that classes are loaded individually and not under one umbrella per company, so be prepared for what seems like repetition but in actual fact will just be different classes at different times.

The map functionality at the top of the page is very useful, it provides a count of the amount of classes in the area you’re viewing and when you select on the initial pinpoint it zooms in and you can continue to select with more information.

I scrolled through the search pages and decided to take a closer look at Sing and Sign. I was then presented with a large logo followed by a sub heading with information about time of day, category, maximum participants and age range. I thought this was a really useful amount of detail to make sure what you’re looking at really suits your needs rather than reading through lots of information and then realising it’s not!

As I read further there are more class details along with what they have termed ‘Benefits’. This gives a tick list of what they have identified I this case; hand eye coordination, social skills and life skills. Again this is really handy if you’re looking for something in particular.

Next you will find the class location with a useful google map image. You can’t use this to get directions, but you can zoom in and out helping you to understand where they are in relation to you.

At the bottom of this page they display ‘similar listings’ and although the image is different this isn’t a different class altogether but just a similar class linked to this provider.

I moved onto a similar listing of Sign and Sign stage one, I wanted to go back to take a look at the last class but there is no return button so I have to click back in my history instead. Not a big inconvenience but you would expect a ‘back’ button for user friendliness.

Down the right hand side of the page you will find a price range along with contact details and they prompt you to quote CLUB HUB.

As I want to continue my search, I’m going to add this one to favourite so I don’t lose the details. You can find this amongst the contact details. I’m asked to sign in and it’s at this point you will need to create an account if you don’t have one. Job done, favourite saved.

When I’m back on the home page I decided to scroll down and I found a sliding banner advert with lots of featured classes. I thought this looked great but the only thing which wasn’t too helpful is that it doesn’t tell you where these classes are located, so I’m going to stick with the search tool instead.

Searching in Rochester this time I’m given 149 search results to ‘all types’ of activity and straight away I’m drawn to a club I might want to join once Holly starts pre-school and Liam can have a bit of time focused on him. It’s called TinyTalk Toddler Talking. I notice within this page they haven’t outlined any benefits, so I assume that perhaps the class owner has to input this and if they don’t it simply remains empty.

I continue my search and after a few minutes of looking through the activities I have built up my favourites to five classes. To find my saved collection I had to click on my name in the top right hand corner and then found a new menu, within this I clicked on ‘favourites’. I’m then presented with my own page of favourites to decide later which one I want to contact.

The main things I like about this website are:

  • One place for a lot of different classes allowing me to find something new
  • Good information about the classes to see if they fit my needs
  • Ability to save the classes I like in one place is useful

Some ideas for feedback:

  • A back feature would be good
  • The classes don’t show a website link and I do like a bit more information so you still have to go ahead a search if you’re not quite ready to contact the class

As a final thought I do like what the website is offering and I think it’s always good to have a directory of classes. It’s brilliant what Club Hub are working to achieve and I will use this to continue searching for classes for Holly and Liam to ensure I don’t miss out on anything!

Don’t forget this is also available in app format so to view on the go why not download that instead