The best way to adapt to life with a new born baby.

3 Feb 2021 | Motherhood, New Mums

We all want to know the best way to adapt to life with a new born baby. After nine months of preparing for your little one to arrive; attending all the classes, chatting with your friends and family and consuming as much content on the internet as possible…nothing quite prepares you fully for the reality of parenthood, all the ups and downs it delivers and how to adapt to life with a new born baby.

As a new parent you will be exhausted, confused, emotionally all over the place and full of so much love for your little bundle.

So how then do you adapt to this new life? How do you become the best you can be in this new role?

Adapting to life with a new born.

5 ways to adapt to life with a new born baby

  1. Ask for help when you need it.

This is most likely the hardest, so I think we should start with it. Stephanie from Natura Massage & Wellness advises that this is essential for survival. Deep down we know it’s right. We just struggle to give in and do this.

In the first couple of months your hormones are changing, you’re dealing with sleepless nights and your role in life has completely changed. How is that not going to be overwhelming!

In order to give your best to your little one, you need to feel (as close as possible) your best. So ask your partner to take on a night shift. Ask the grandparents for an hour or so of cuddles with the new-born so you can take a nap.

All this combined will help you adapt to life with a new born baby.

  1. Go with the flow and trust your instinct!

There’s a reason mums have a natural instinct and trust me, and it’s usually always right! Hannah from Hannah Cornford Photography hears about it all the time when she photographs new-borns.

So if you feel you need to go and check on your baby, do it. If you feel something isn’t quite right and you want to ask the doctor again, do it.

When I was going away for my cousins Hen Party and leaving my boy for the first time over a weekend, I was anxious, and I noticed his breathing had changed. I mentioned it to others that it sounded like hay fever and I was worried. And everyone wanting to be supportive of me taking a break reassured me that it was probably nothing. When I returned from the trip, I found out my son had ended up in Hospital due to a full blown asthma attack!

So what’s the point to this story? Well, mum knows best and you need to remember that when you have that niggling feeling telling you something isn’t right.

Adapting to life with a new born
  1. If you don’t want visitors say so.

Marnie from the Baby Hive offers this great advice. You need to do what’s right for you and your family when it comes to visitors. Some people will want the whole family round to enjoy the moment, whilst others will want to soak it all up and do it in stages. And that’s ok.

There’s no right way to doing anything when it comes to motherhood, you have to find what works best for you and of course your new baby.

  1. Forget the housework!

The Tiny Talk Team here in Kent had one very clear answer to this. Forget the housework!

Feeling guilty seems to come with the territory of becoming a mum and one of the top offenders in making us feel this way, is the housework!

We punish ourselves for not having a spotless house, for not getting all the washing done and folded and put away, for not hoovering (never mind we might have just had a c section!).

Yes, we want nice homes, we’re not saving turn your house into a tip. But know that during that first year, everything is a juggling act and you WILL NOT be able to do it all. Which goes back to point number one. Ask for help!

As a mum to a new born it's time to  forget the housework!
  1. Don’t listen to too many opinions.

You will find when you become a mum that this then gives people the ‘right’ to judge your actions. Of course it doesn’t…but they do!

Natalie from Life in Colour sums it up that you need to be super kind to yourself, otherwise it will be overwhelming.

Of course you won’t know everything when it comes to your new role, but you want kindness in return when you need to ask for support, not judgement. That’s where your local classes come in. By surrounding yourself with other new mums and qualified teachers, you will feel supported and part of a community. And that goes a long way!

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And last but not least, remember to soak up every single one of those new born cuddles. All the clichés are so true, the time flies and they don’t stay like that for long at all.

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