Social Media Audit


Are you struggling to get on top of your social media for your business? Picking up your phone everyday not knowing what to post and when you do finally get round to posting, you’re disheartened by the lack of likes and comments.

You know you can do so much more with you platforms, but you don’t know how to evaluate your own page?

That’s where the social media audit comes in. Your audit includes:

  • Review one main social media page providing an in depth review
  • Review one secondary-social media platform top level review
  • Outline who your current audience really are; where they’re located, age and gender
  • Outline top performing posts on your platform
  • Provide constructive feedback to help you improve the performance of your page and provide information on tools which will support you
  • Establish whether your content meets your current business goals
  • Provide ‘quick wins’ for your platform to enhance your page performance

Your audit will be delivered to you in PDF format for you to then implement.