Prep for Busy Mums

2 Jan 2020 | Motherhood

After the Christmas break, it’s that time when our leggings feel a little tighter, the mum jumpers are out oh and school is back!

Don’t know about you, but I’m a little fed up of feeling on the back foot, so this time I am going to prep like a mum boss and you can join me using this list below…

  • Clothes

Make sure you have everyone’s clothes ready for Monday morning; have your clothes laid out, along with the children’s ironed uniforms.

Have a think, is PE scheduled for Monday or perhaps forest school for the little ones?

Double check you have hat, scarf and gloves as it’s getting really cold now. You don’t want that inevitable argument at the front door resulting in you turning the house upside down!

  • Homework

Do your children have any homework they might have forgotten to mention?

In my case it’s a ‘this is what we did this holiday’ photo assignment to complete! I don’t have a printer so it will be a trip to Boots for me.

  • Meals

Lay out everything for breakfast the night before so you can calmly start the day. We all need a healthy meal first thing, so make sure you fill up on the good stuff.

If you’re children have packed lunch, then get this done the night before too and store ready for the morning. It will give you a chance to make sure you’ve packed a good balanced meal for your little one or nip to the shops if you don’t have something.

Finally, meal prep for Monday night’s dinner. Do you have something you can get ready for the slow cooker, or can you quickly whip up something like a Spag Bol today so you don’t need to worry after the first day back?

Whatever you can do will be a bonus!

  • Transport

Are you travelling by car? If so you might need to consider some de-icer or even a screen cover. Don’t you just hate it when you’re running late and then you find a frozen windscreen…I mean who has time for that?!

  • Bed Time Routine

It’s time to crack down and get back to a good bedtime routine. You may have been building back up to this so possibly feel back in the swing of things already, but if not then try to create a calming bedtime ready for a long day tomorrow.

Finally, no matter their age make sure you give them an extra special big hug. I have loved spending quality family time together and feel a little sad it’s all going back to normal. So soak up that last festive hug and get ready to absolutely smash your Monday!