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29 Mar 2020 | Lifestyle, Motherhood

Written by With Emma Blakeborough, Party Bag Online

So it’s birthday party time, you’ve managed to arrange the whole thing and remain sane in the process locking down; venue, invitations, gift ideas, party games, dress up themes and so much more! But now you have the dreaded party bags left to complete! Do you ever feel like you are just filling them with tat because you feel you need to? Well Emma Blakeborough from Party Bag Online has you covered!

Hi, I am Emma. I’m a wife, mum of two, gin drinking hobbyist and a very excited business owner of Party Bag Online.

As a busy working mum of younger children, I struggled year after year with the whole party bag thing for their birthday gatherings. I would run (literally, before the parking expired) from shop to shop trying to find some inspiration for these gifts. Hugely stressful and normally resulted in panic buying.

Party Bag Online

My children would come home from a party with a themed plastic loot bag containing a few cheap toys that either don’t work very well, break after one play or simply end up in the bin. Plus packets of sweets to bulk out the bag. My son doesn’t eat sweets and my daughter had already consumed enough sugar at the party to see her through the week, so, like many of you I am sure (come on and be honest), I would usually eat the sweet offerings (result = two disappointed children).

I would love to put an end to the wasteful tradition by delivering practical, fun and original party bags and gifts with a bespoke label or tag to suit the party theme. The beginnings of Party Bag Online started around Christmastime 2017 and I am extremely proud of what I can offer with so much more to come. We are also an adoption centre for the original Elf On The Shelf products and have many beautiful gifts for Christmas.

Fed up with buying the same generic gifts for family, friends or teachers? Another candle, scarf, earrings…

Why not consider a personalised gift from Party Bag Online? It will show you have thought what to buy, be a memorable gift that can be treasured or used again and can be suitable for all ages and genders.

We are here to take the headache and stress out of party bag and gift shopping. We always welcome new ideas and feedback, so please get in touch.

Emma – Party Bag Online – Sorted in Seconds.

Article from On the Doorstep Magazine May 2019.