My TOMM Diary

26 Mar 2019 | Motherhood, Online Services

This week I’m following The Organised Mum Method to help me kick start my spring clean and to show you what benefits we could be getting from using this method I’m sharing my dairy…

Monday: Living room 


I was planning on starting straight after posting my Facebook video in the morning, but Liam decided to wake up from his nap early and Holly wanted to play, so I decided to hold off until Liam’s afternoon nap window when it would only be Holly to contend with!


Let the cleaning commence!

I had a look at the checklist, got out my polish, duster and hoover made sure Holly was happily playing in the garden with Ian (my other half) and got to work. To begin with I starting by clearing the room as this made the most sense to me. I did read the list methodically from top to bottom which doesn’t start with this, but The Organised Mum does say just do what’s best for you, so I did.

To begin with, I found that I was just moving items into other rooms of the house and not putting them away, creating new mess in these areas! When I realised what I was doing and that this was extremely counterproductive to the whole project of my weekly tidy and cleaning, I quickly changed tact to put everything away in the right places. 

Error number 1 (hopefully my only) – I should have read the checklist the night before because I was supposed to wash my throws but now it’s so late in the day they won’t dry in time so…lesson learnt.


Room complete, not sure how long it will stay in this lovely tidy state but at least it’s nice and clean. With my extra 5 minutes I’ve decided to do the washing up from lunch time. 

Monday daily tasks:


I’ve decided to do these tasks in the evening now the children are in bed so that the house is nice and fresh for the morning and I don’t have to worry so much about either of them needing me. This way I can whizz around, job done.

Tuesday: Bedrooms


After watching one of the TOMM YouTube videos demonstrating how tasks can be easily completed earlier in the morning (with no one else up), I had planned to get up at 06:00ish, however after five or six wake ups during the night from Liam I seemed to be pinned to the bed unable to go anywhere and just wanted more some sleep now.


As my husband is off work this week he did something really lovely and offered me breakfast in bed whilst the children were still stirring…yes please! Little bit more of a delay though, whoops.


Holly and Liam are now up and requiring all sorts of attention, nappy changing, breakfast, drinks, milk etc so right now my attention is all theirs.


I’ve now stripped the beds, opened the windows and got my washing on. Back to the children I go.


I plan to get back to the TOMM again until I hear the doorbell, surely not, surely not for the first time ever my Tesco delivery is actually on time! Yes, it is, yet another distraction. Will these bedrooms ever be clean?!


Fast approaching is Liam’s nap time so if I don’t take action now it really won’t get done. It’s not like yesterday when I could wait for another window, this time Liam actually needs a clean room and more to the point, he need bed sheets!

So I decided to bring my little helper along to oversee my work. Again, started with tidying the space, dusting and then hoovering.  


Liam happily entertained me cleaning his room but as a pretty routine baby he knew it was his time for a rest so it was time for me to leave their room and move onto ours. I again cleaned the room and then finished with putting the new bed-sheets on.

As the landing was right there I continued on to hoover out there, which is a daily task anyway, so maybe the more you get used to using the TOMM the more you find you combine everything anyway.


I’ve finished up here and as the weather is lovely I can finally hang my washing outside!!


Just about to wrap up for the day, I seem to have neglected the kitchen floor, so time for a sweep and that’s me done for today.