My TOMM Diary: Part 2

2 Apr 2019 | Online Services

So now my week is complete using The Organised Mum Method, here’s part two (part one) to update you on how the rest of the house went and my final feelings about the method:

Wednesday: Entrance Halls and Stairs


Holly and Liam are in full swing of needing everything this morning, food, drinks, games so the cleaning is being put in the back burner this morning with them taking preference.


Ian has gone out today (still on his week off) to take his mum out for an early Mother’s Day lunch. So the house is mine and with no car, as we’re a one car household, it’s encouraging me to think about starting the cleaning, it is seeming to be a bit more difficult to motivate myself today


Lunch time and Liam down for a nap


I have a window now to be really productive so I open up the checklist and see what I have today. Entrance hall and stairs. Excellent smaller areas today! 

Our porch always becomes a bit of a dumping ground when we first enter the house so there is a bit of sorting and tidying to do and to find the floor under all those shoes!! 

I’ve recently upgraded to a shark hoover and the sad old Dyson is sitting in the porch waiting to be rehomed, must get that done. 

Once I was finished with cleaning the porch it looked twice the size and smelt lovely. 

Onto the stairs next and with my new lift away this was really easy! 


Because of having a dog our stairs seem to be the worst area for collecting his fur, I really do have to give these a good clean weekly to keep on top of it. I always find the stairs the most satisfying area to clean as I know how much has gone into it, but it is actually the least noticed area by everyone else!


As I’ve procrastinated a lot today I need to crack on with my daily tasks now and actually this is fast becoming a good habit this time of day.

Thursday: Kitchen


Much more motivated today, so far this morning I’ve made all the beds (Liam’s back in his napping now), prepared dinner in the slow cooker and put a load of washing on. I’m feeling pretty good about my daily chores so into level two and its kitchen day.


The kitchen has the largest checklist of all four days and I do think it’s needed. There are so many spaces within the kitchen that need to be kept clean and I think it’s easy to wipe daily, but by cleaning these areas with a more targeted approach has really helped me. It’s also shown me a really good deep clean in the kitchen will be needed sometime soon.

Kitchen now complete except for the floor, that’s really an end of day job isn’t it when the children can’t run and crawl all over it!


I did take longer for me than 30 minutes today but as I’m on a bit of a role this morning I’ve decided to continue on with hoovering the living room.

Friday: Focus >>> Kids Bedroom

The purpose of Friday Focus is to really delve into cleaning one of the rooms to enhance the work done during the week.

Week one is Kids Bedroom, so I cleaned their bedroom again, and got out my shake and vac from Tesco. The checklist encourages you to sort through all the clothes and toys to keep everything in order so that after a long time it doesn’t build up.

I now have a little bag of all the clothes Liam has outgrown ready for a friend, which is great as I usually have to spend ages doing this, and now it’s much more manageable!

It really was nice to finish the week having a room so nice and clean and it was really nice getting to the end of the week knowing that the weekend means no cleaning!

My benefits to using this method

Will I keep this up?

I’m going to try to stick with this for the whole 8 week cycle to see if it helps me keep the house in order over this time.

The initial appeal for me trying this method was to complete the housework in 30 minutes, but when you add up the daily tasks as well I would say it’s about an hour a day cleaning (the youtube videos make this clear). I think over time it won’t take as long; maybe I’m just really slow, or maybe it’s because I have two little ones under the age of 3!! Either way the house is clean and tidyish so that great.