Mother’s Day: here’s to all the ladies in our babies lives

31 Mar 2019 | My Stories

I have always thought Mother’s Day was an important day. A time to really celebrate one of the most important and special people in our lives, and now I’m a mum it’s an incredible feeling to be a part of it.

My children and husband really did everything they could to make me feel special today. I was given the luxury of a lay in and any Mum knows this really is one of the best gifts you can be given! I was woken to the joyful cheering of ‘happy Mother’s Day’ and quickly in my arms I found a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, two cards and Holly and Liam.

After soaking up all the Mum love, it was time to come downstairs to my special Mother’s Day breakfast; eggs Benedict my favourite.

The rest of the day involved a lovely trip to Shorne Wood Country Park, films, rest and finished with a curry, thank you so much Ian!!

In the moments we weren’t busy I had a couple of scrolls on Facebook and twitter to see what the other mums were up to and it was during these moments that I realised that Mother’s Day has a far greater reach then simply celebrating your own Mum. It’s about acknowledging all the ladies in our lives contributing to caring for our little ones. So here’s to all the Mums, Granny’s, Nan’s, Great Nan’s, Mummy friends, Aunties and anyone else who helps you in creating a positive role model for your children.

I feel like there’s so much love between Mums because we all know the struggles each of us face no matter what ‘type’ of Mum you are. Because once you’re a Mum you unknowingly join the Mum club so really you always have a friend and all you need to do is reach out if you need help #mumclub