Lockdown and your waistline

9 Jun 2020 | Motherhood

Written by Tanya Anderson

Hi I’m Tanya and I’m an independent weight lose consultant for the 1:1 diet by Cambridge weight plan you can find my business page on Facebook 1.1 Diet By Cambridge Weight Plan – Tanya Anderson . I’ve been a consultant now for 18months as two years ago I decided after trying many a diet and having straight after having my first two children I decided that I had nothing to lose except of course my sky rocketing weight!  I was a size 16 dress and at only 4ft 11inches I really wanted to have a healthy BMI for mine and my children’s benefit, so I made the phone call to my local 1:1 consultant.  12 Weeks later and 55lbs down I was a size 6 with a healthy BMI of 25, I’d done it!

This inspired me to become a weight loss consultant and start up my own business as I’d walked the journey myself and wanted to help others achieve their own goals. I found that helping my clients reach these goals gave me just as much satisfaction as reaching my own also in helping them afterwards maintain and continue their weight loss journey.

Now I have three boys under 4 I know how it feels to be a busy Mum, most busy Mums quite often neglect ourselves as the children come first at meal times and that’s the beauty of the 1:1 diet, no meal prep as its all done for you with delicious range of Porridges, Shakes, Smoothies, Dinners and even chocolate bars perfect for on the go Mums and having a wide choice of products and snacks helps the Diet become more sustainable.

Keeping your weight at bay during this time of lockdown can be especially difficult and is a challenge in itself with all the temptations of Children’s snacks, leftover treats from Easter, sunny BBQ days and of course wine!! In this beautiful weather my advice is Water, Water and Water its important to stay hydrated. Make sensible choices “eat clean, eat lean and keep it green” is a good mantra for healthy eating. Do NOT to weigh yourself daily as this can fluctuate from day to day, so if you’re going to weigh in choose the same day and time once a week for the most accurate readings.

Running a business with little ones can be challenging but we just make it work, my diary is never closed to allow other busy mums like myself to never be refused an appointment. Included within appointments is a friendly chat plus a weekly catch up on how the diet is going and a goals progress log is updated. Outside of appointments my phone is always on for help and advice plus all clients have access to a support network via a client WhatsApp group.

During lockdown, social media platforms are in place of face to face appointments and products are collected safely still from myself keeping within current social distancing measures. So people can continue or begin on their weight loss journeys.

And remember, “You can achieve what your mind believes”.

Tanya Anderson x