Little Yoga Warriors – Baby Massage at John Lewis, Bluewater

13 Dec 2019 | Baby & Toddler Groups, New Mums

Article Written by: Nicola

When I went to the John Lewis parents event and entered the prize draw with Little Yoga Warriors I did not expect to win! I never win anything so when it was announced by Jess who runs Little Yoga Warriors I was chuffed to bits! 

Since having our beautiful baby boy I have tried a few different classes with him but always felt a little sad that my husband couldn’t come because it was during the working day. As this class was held at Bluewater and on a Saturday morning he was able to come and take part! It meant that he could spend some quality time with Archer and also learn some great massage moves to help calm him down in the evenings. 

Before going to any classes I get very nervous as I am never sure what to expect, what the other mums will be like, will anyone speak to me, will Archer kick off etc… but I am happy to say that as soon as we entered the room we felt really relaxed and welcome and Jess just comes across as someone who is real and as a parent herself shared many tales of her children! I felt like I could say anything and there wouldn’t be any judgement. Of course Archer had a few moments at each class…. our favourite is falling asleep during tummy time without fail every week! 
Each week concentrated on a different body part for the babies and with each week my confidence grew and I began to talk to more parents and ask/share advice and stories. 

Baby massage is now part of Archers bed time routine and he loves it! I really enjoy it too as I get so many giggles and big smiles from him so I can tell he really enjoys it. 

If we were to have another baby one day I would 100% be going back to the class as I really felt it helped with the bond between Archer and his dad and it’s given us some great tools to help when Archer is being a bit fussy or isn’t feeling too great. 

 If you know anyone who is expecting a baby or are due soon I would really recommend booking on with Jess at Little Yoga Warriors for a fun, informative and relaxed course with the added bonus of going to Bluewater and having the perfect excuse to grab a coffee and a shop afterwards! 

If you would like more information click here to visit Little Yoga Warriors