Little Potters, Sittingbourne

23 Apr 2019 | Motherhood, Stay and Play

The perfect place to go if you want a mixture of creativity and play for your little ones and as a bonus you can come away with a lovely little present for someone or even for yourself! Win win!

Little Potters can be found in the main building of Central Park Station and when you arrive you’ll find plenty of parking with lots of space to get everything out of your car.

It costs £1 if you go along just for the soft play, but if you decide to go for some painting this is redeemable. (I ended up paying around £10) When you enter you will find some soft furnishing seating areas along with the long crafts tables.

Craft area

Little Potters have really thought it all through with lots of toys to keep your children busy during the painting session. We went along specifically for Holly to paint her own mug, she has recently developed a liking for tea (the end of our cups) so I decided lets get her a mug of her own.

As soon as she spotted the soft play area off she went so the mug had to wait. The soft play section is perfect for little children, enough to keep them really entertained, but not too much that you will lose them and have to go in to! It’s made up of a ball pit, a slide and has a couple of levels for climbing and dodging – all the children seem love it.

Once Holly was done trying out the soft play we settled down and chose our mug. All the ladies working at Little Potters are so helpful in explaining how it all works and which paints you need to use. It’s such a welcoming environment that you really do feel extremely comfortable.

Holly was handed her apron, Liam was in a high chair with some snacks and the creativity began. We used some stencils to create what I call the ‘nice’ side of the mug and then Holly was given free reign on the other side now know as the ‘creative’ side. My biggest issue throughout the whole process was how much of a perfectionist I am, I get an idea of what it could look like and forget I’m working with a toddler! But the end result was perfect.

Once you have finished with your painting you bring it to the cafe desk, they take payment and you agree on your collection at a later date.

I actually ended up picking mine up way later than I initially thought as things kept coming up on the days I was planning to go back, but again the team were so lovely when I called checking it was still there and reassured me they don’t get rid of peoples creations.

So if you want something a little different and lots of fun then give this a go!