Kent Post Natal Fitness Classes: Legs, Bums and Bubbas

26 Mar 2019 | Classes, Motherhood, New Mums, Review, Things to Do

Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life, I’m so grateful that my parents really encouraged active play and lots of sport when I was little. I grew up in a house where I was one of six children so there was always someone to play with!

Throughout my life I’ve always been involved in some element of sport and activity whether that was being part of a netball team, swimming or going to the gym.

After having Holly, I managed to keep up my fitness by walking our gorgeous Labrador daily with Holly in a sling. And as she got older I used to make my way around the woods using the SmartTrike. It was brilliant!

My daily routine a couple of years ago

But after having Liam by C-section and having two little ones, my husband needed to take over the main dog walking and I slowly started to find myself indoors quite a bit and not my usual active self.

Then one day enough was enough, I wanted part of myself back, I needed something for me. I wasn’t confident enough yet to join a gym and two months after Liam was born we were still firmly in the night bottle phase so I didn’t really like going out in the evenings.

So, I searched for something which would fit with my needs as a mum and I found Legs, Bums and Bubbas! It was amazing, you turn up with your babies and toddlers roll your exercise mats out and jump right into it.

Kate, who runs the classes, was so encouraging to all us mums which gave everyone the confidence to take part, not push yourself too hard but enough to get some benefits. The exercises focus on working a post baby body so no worries that you will injure yourself either. Kate also incorporates your baby into the workouts so it’s also a fantastic way to bond. After the first session I was hooked and so happy I joined.

Kate invited everyone from the course into a Facebook messenger group which allowed fun conversation following the group and updates and sharing pictures.

Legs, Bums and Bubbas now also offers an online home workout. I haven’t used this but for any mums who lack confidence or just the time to be able to get to the sessions, this is the ideal solution.

Joining this class not only kick started me back into my usual active self, but it also started to educate Holly and introduce her to the world of health and fitness and even now she imitates the exercises I’m doing and really that can only be a good thing!

Legs, bums and bubbas classes are back
In person classes are now back following COVID-19. Follow on Facebook to find out more.