Kent Flat Pack

21 May 2019 | Companies sharing their stories

Full disclosure: this is part of a paid for advertising package with On the Doorstep. Article provided by Kent Flat Pack.

Do you always need more storage around the home but don’t want to clutter your space with more and more boxes?   Do you see that perfect storage solution online that will suit your home perfectly but, it comes in the form of a flat pack delivery?

As easily as you can order that furniture, you can book Steve and his team at Kent Flat Pack to come to your home and without hassle and build that furniture for you.

With their full toolkits and spare parts, a Kent Flat Pack technician will build your bed, chest of drawers, wardrobes and pretty much anything that comes in bits and leave you with the finished product. 

“We aim to make our service as easy as buying the furniture itself.  If you’ve seen that perfect item in the showroom or online and know it’ll look perfect in your home; let us deal with that bit in between”, Steve says.   “We know how off-putting it can be when an item states that it takes ‘two people and two hours to build’ and that’s if it goes smoothly.   A customer once assured me that whenever it mentioned two people needed to build an item; that it’s code for an argument being inevitable”.

Getting up early for work, taking the kids to school, getting to meetings, dealing with customers, getting house work done, getting back from a long day at work, not having the tools are all reasons why people could spend their time a lot better than fighting with a flat pack wardrobe.  

“We eradicate the stress from the whole process.  Just leave us in the room with the boxes, come back in an hour and it’ll be built for you”.

Covering all of Kent, Steve and his team of flat pack technicians are often available at short notice and booking through the website at is simple.  As soon as you’ve bought your items and have a delivery date, send a screenshot of your order to Kent Flat Pack and they’ll reply with a fixed price and availability for you.  

“Feedback from customers assures me that our prices represent very good value for money.  People have told me how precious their time is and will happily pay for the service if it means they can be working the way through their own to do list for the day.   

Kent Flat Pack is based in Maidstone with fully uniformed, friendly and non-smoking staff in Dover, Maidstone, Sittingbourne and Paddock wood so they really do cover all of Kent!

Steve, owner of Kent Flat Pack, loves to help people and set about the idea of the business when he began helping friends with their own furniture.  “Helping a couple of friends to move home with one of them being heavily pregnant, I spent a day building all of their IKEA delivery for them.   They were so thankful and couldn’t believe how quickly it had all been assembled.  One Facebook post from these friends thanking me for my work resulted in a bit of an influx of requests to do the same for others”.

“As a full time Personal Trainer, running fitness classes and 1-1 training with clients, building furniture wasn’t a job for me and I didn’t plan for it to happen.  I just loved doing it.  I soon started to take phone calls and receive emails through my fitness website for quotes to build furniture!?  Because I love helping people, I replied, sent them my prices, built their furniture but still, thanks to word of mouth, these people kept passing on my details!”  I wouldn’t have been a good businessman if I’d have said no. 

About eighteen months ago, I made the decision (if anything, for my own organisational skills!) to make the two completely separate.  I needed to know that an enquiry was going to be either somebody wanting to lose body fat and tone up or, solve their storage problem by building their flat pack items for them.  And Kent Flat Pack was born”.  

With the help of his partner, Steve and Chris run the Health and Fitness business together by training clients at their home in Maidstone and running group fitness classes and have proven results for themselves and so many other people.  Steve spends the other 50% of his time assembling furniture and running the team of flat pack technicians in Kent.

“When you get paid to do something you love doing, it’s not really a job.   With the fitness and the flatpack businesses, I get the best of both worlds because they both involve helping people solve problems.”

If you’re thinking about a new chest of drawers, losing a few pounds, getting new wardrobes or want to tone up and live healthily, drop Steve a message, preferably to either his Health & Fitness Website and or, through the website which is for furniture, not fitness!