How to talk to your children about Covid-19

13 Apr 2020 | Lock Down, Motherhood

This is a very stressful time for everyone, adults and children alike. There is no one way to deal with this, but how can we make sure our fears and concerns don’t pass onto our children?

Here’s some tips on how to deal with discussing the topic. Just remember to make it age appropriate.

  • Tell the truth

Children deserve to know what’s going on, a likelihood is they will have picked up on some of it anyway. Use age appropriate language to discuss what’s happening and make sure they understand how to protect themselves and others.

Talk through washing hands for the correct amount of time and the reason behind social distancing.

  • Know the facts

Before starting an open conversation with your children, make sure you understand the facts and are ready to answer any questions they may have. Using the World Health Organisation website is a good place to start for this.

  • Find out what they know

Ask your children open questions to see what they think they know about covid-19. Understand what their friends are saying and how it’s making them feel. If they have it completely wrong you can set them straight.

  • How much should you share?

You need to make sure you answer any questions your children have, but remain top level. They don’t need all the stats, just enough they feel they have the right amount of information.

  • Should you lie about anything?

No, quite simply, but of course you can be diplomatic about your answer. This is where gaining all the facts first will help. Reassure your children but don’t promise anything.

  • Talk about how you all feel in lock down.

This is an anxious time for everyone, so talking is only going to help. If you feel you or your child is very anxious and you need support, visit Anxiety UK