How to stay safe trick or treating this Halloween

27 Oct 2019 | Motherhood, Uncategorized

Halloween is such a fun time of year; parties, games and community spirit. But taking place in October does also bring the natural fact it’s dark and spooky, so as parents we want to make sure we keep everyone safe but also have fun. Here’s a few tips so you can so just that.

Safety in numbers

If you are going to go trick or treating try to go out in groups rather than on your own. Last year we had about 20 children at our door at one time and it occurred to me what a good idea this was. It was so much safer with all the parents and children together keeping an eye on things.

Knock on the right doors

You might think people are being rude if they ignore you or get angry when they answer the door, but that may be because they are not participating in Halloween.

For various reasons not everyone enjoys Halloween. Try to remember that some houses will have vulnerable people as well who may be frightened this time of year.

The rule is only knock when there is a pumpkin or decorations outside the house.

Stay visible

It will be dark and sometimes there can be a lot of people around. Whilst part of the fun of Halloween is dressing up, make sure your little ones are very visible to you. You can buy glow in the dark treat bags or even go so far as to including high-vis on their outfits. You can’t be too careful.

Don’t be greedy

Encourage your children to only take one sweet, you don’t want the person behind the door turning into a monster because of your little ones manners.

And whilst it is called trick or treat, don’t be rude or take it too far!

Plan your route

It’s best to stay in your own local area so you know where you are going. There may be some undesirable locations you wouldn’t be aware of if you go to a place you don’t know.

If you’re children are older and going on out their own, a route is also a good idea so you know where they are. Perhaps just for this time agree to have their location shared with you for peace of mind. They can share their location for a set amount of time on Whatsapp which could be a good compromise.

Don’t forget stranger danger

Halloween is really fun and lots of people are happy to take part, but don’t forget some people may sense people’s guards are dropped. Just remember the usual stranger danger advice and never, ever enter the house of a stranger.

Check the wrapping

People can be very generous and children are keen to get going on their treats but just double check the wrapping and make sure sweets haven’t been tampered with.

Let us know any other tips you might have and remember have fun!!