How to Arrange a Baby Shower

29 Mar 2020 | Motherhood, Mums to be

Written by Laura Chambers, On the Doorstep.

  1. Decide whether the baby shower is going to be a surprise for the mum-to-be or is she going to be in the know. If it’s a surprise think about who she would want there and how you will secretly contact them.
  2. Think about the best venue for your party. Do you want to hire a space or would you be most comfortable at home. Think about the space you will need for presents and activities along with the number of people you are inviting, you don’t want to end up sitting on top of each other!
  3. Make sure you have all payments covered if you are hiring a hall and need to commit to space. Don’t end up out of pocket, set expectations of your guests upfront. Communication is key.
  4. When it comes to presents consider creating a theme to inform guests about what the new parents really want for their little ones. A great idea is to gift books with messages written for the new family to be.
  5. Where ever you have decised to hold the baby shower, it will need to be decorated with plenty of pink/blue or gender neautrual decor, you want to create an atmosphere for the new-mum-to-be and make her feel really special. Mimi Event Hire offer some great products. Visit
  6. Cake is always an essential part of any party and baby showers are no exception. There are so many places where you can get amazing cakes like the Little Cake Box (pictured to the left) they have so many wonderful, creative designs to choose from
  7. A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without some games, but do bear in mind what the mum-to-be would feel comfortable with. If she is a bit self conscious don’t keep her as the centre of attention for the whole event, give her a break at points and let people mingle.
  8. Most games during a baby shower will include guessing the gender, weight and date the baby will be born along with lovely messages. Create a lovely keepsake memory book as a treasured gift.
  9. Don’t forget to thank everyone who has attended. It can be really overwhelming at the time with so many gifts and friends and family present, but a little thank you always goes a long way. Follow PersonalTouch on Instagram for inspiration or go with some treats like the sweet cones from Lottie’s Little Treats
  10. Enjoy every moment! And don’t forget that not everyone is expecting…some might like something a little bit more fizzy!

Article from On the Doorstep Magazine May 2019.