How often should I cuddle my baby?

5 Jan 2021 | Motherhood, New Mums

If you’ve just had your first baby, you may well be finding yourself in the zone of judgement right now and trust me, it’s easy to allow yourself to be sucked into this and begin to over analyse EVERYTHING!

What’s right for my baby?!

This zone covers everything from; how you feed your baby whether you go for bottle or breast, how you dress them, have their socks fallen off (shock horror?!) or do they have enough blankets, right down to the way you wipe their constantly dripping noses.

And strangely people share their opinions on these things, whether you like it or not, even to the point of be concerned about how often you cuddle your baby!

Mum cuddling baby

Can I cuddle my baby too much?

So if the judgement is getting to you and you’re now finding yourself doubting whether you’re over cuddling your baby, here’s some advice from some Kent business women who have been there!

I asked them, ‘How often do you think you should cuddle your baby?’ 

  • ‘Cuddle your baby as much as you want to cuddle your baby or your baby wants to be cuddled. You cannot beat cuddling a baby.’ Adora Birth & Baby
  • ‘It is Impossible to cuddle your baby too much! Cuddling babies and responding to their needs builds secure attachment and confident children – NOT clingy children!’ Tiger Stripes Birth & Baby
  • ‘Is there such a thing as too many cuddles?’ Heart Smart Arts
  • ‘All the time- you are their safe place and cuddles are absolutely vital for their wellbeing and ours.’  TinyTalk Team Kent
  • ‘Everyday – Cuddles are not only for when a child is upset or during feeds. But for sharing a story and play’. Little Discoveries
  • ‘Lots and lots!’ Life in Colour
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