How Exercise Helped Me Navigate the Loss of My Baby

21 Apr 2020 | Motherhood

Written by Zulay Lidster, Zubabyfit

Sport has always been a part of my life. Since I can remember I have been involved in physical activity, team sports, weight lifting, boxing, adventure races, etc.

When I fell pregnant with my son in 2015 I continued being active and started Zubabyfit after he was born to try to keep moving. Then in 2018 my world crumbled. I had a TFMR and my second son was born still on the 1st of February 2018.

I was mentally, physically and emotionally broken but I knew I had to keep going for my two boys, one here with me and one in heaven watching over me.  I woke up everyday in a body which constantly reminded me of the child I had lost, I felt trapped, in both my mind and my body.  Exercise was what saved me, I moved my body slowly, 20 mins a day, 30 minutes a day, 5 minutes a day whatever I could manage. I soon realised that I could not find any post partum fitness programs, classes, instructors that I could follow, because there was nothing for mothers who have experienced loss.

I was post partum but without my child here in my arms, I couldn’t attend a mother and baby yoga class or watch mum and baby fitness you tube videos. I wasn’t ready to explain what I went through strangers. 

So I exercised on my own and became determined to help other mothers like me. I completed my personal training level 3 certificate whilst pregnant with my rainbow baby and now I am here to help mothers of all kinds. 

There are so many benefits to moving our bodies, no mother should struggle with finding help to do this. Here at Zubabyfit I am passionate in helping all mothers in their post partum journeys whatever they may look like, however I want mothers who have experienced any type of loss to know that they have a place here to find help getting their bodies moving again in whatever way they feel works for them. I will work with you to design a bespoke and flexible program because I am travelling that bumpy road with you.

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