Getting Through the Summer Holidays

22 Aug 2019 | Motherhood

Written by Tired From Whistable


If you are anything like me you will have got to this point in the school holidays pinching yourself in disbelief that you have managed to keep on top of childcare, work and not lost any of your own or anyone else’s children.

I have always found the holidays hard. Don’t get me wrong I love having my sons Nate (9) and Leo (8) home but I also have the constant juggle of work, making sure they have things to keep them occupied and of course people to look after them. I often spend much of the time feeling guilty that I’m at work and not wanting to go back to work from my days off.

Some time ago my husband and I realised we would have to be clever and inventive to get through the holidays. Luckily in Kent we have lots of amazing options for Summer fun that allow me to keep my sanity and make sure the children have a fab time.

When the boys left nursery we forgot to cancel the work childcare vouchers we used for additional nursery hours. We then realised that not only can they be used for after school and breakfast clubs  but also for many of the great activity camps on offer across Kent over the Summer. We save them up every year and book a week for the boys at Sports Camp. We have always used Super Camps but there are lots of others. They run from nine till five and offer all manner of activities including swimming, archery, football, cricket and more. The boys look forward to it every year and it really helps with work plus we don’t notice the cost as it’s spread out across the year in our childcare vouchers.

We also realised that some of the sports clubs that the boys attend in school time offer additional Summer activity days often for small amounts of money. It means the boys get to play their favourite sports, catch up with their friends and hone their skills.

There are lots of community events held for free across Kent in the Summer also that we take advantage of. The reading challenge held every summer with Kent libraries prove popular as well as some of the museums such as the Beaney in Canterbury and the Whitstable Museum who always have free crafts for the little ones to do.

We take advantage of the beach and some of the amazing open spaces we have in Kent. With so much to do on the doorstep that is free it means that we can tire out the children without breaking the bank.

The boys jumping off the prom

We are lucky also to have the boys Grandparents to help out with childcare and although we try to use them as little as possible we really appreciate the help they give. Some of the boy’s friends have parents who too need to juggle the childcare so we also do days where we have our friends little people while they work and they return the favour. Even its only for a couple of hours it really does help.

I would love to hear your ideas for dealing with the summer holidays and suggestions of places locally to visit. Please get in touch and if you too are juggling Summer I salute you! You are amazing!

Leo on the Crab and Winkle

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