How to Get Through Your Summer Working with children at home in Just 3 Easy Steps.

30 Jul 2021 | Marketing

If you’ve ever wanted to get through the summer holidays without feeling torn between family and business life, then you’re reading the right article. That’s because you’re about to discover my easy 3-step method for a calmer more balanced summer when it comes to your social media content creation.

And the good news is that this method works even if you’re new in business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur.

Let’s go…

Step 1: Choose how much time you have to dedicate to work and family.

Many people who’re new to balancing work and life during the holidays don’t even realise that they need to do this step before they should create a single post. And that’s why a lot of people who try to maintain their social media content creation over the summer holidays end up failing – they’re simply missing this crucial step.

So, the first thing you need to do is sit down and really work out your time. Understand how much time your children need from you, how many family days out you will have and know how often you are willing (and capable) to work evenings to make up for lost time.

You need to work this out in as much detail as possible and the key to this exercise is to be honest with yourself. There’s no point telling yourself you can work quicker than you actually can…you’re setting yourself up for failure here.

calendars laid out on a white desk with pens and paper clips

You’ll find that this part of the process goes much more smoothly if you apply these tips and tricks:

• Take the next three days and write down absolutely everything you do. You’ll find you will understand how long tasks really take.

• Print out an August calendar and mark out any meetings, appointments or day trips already planned – this way you can see any days with commitments already.

• Ask family for support. If this is an option and you can secure some childcare, this would be a great way to guarantee some work time. Make sure you have done this and mapped it into your August schedule.

Once you’ve completed this first step of understanding how much time you really have to work and create your social media content, then you can move on to the next step…

Step 2: Decide what message you really need to share with your audience this summer.

The next thing you need to do is decide what is really essential to share with your audience on social media over the summer. For example, do you want to share more brand awareness content or do you need to sell a service? Once you know the purpose behind your content this will really help with direction and clarity.

So often businesses owners become crippled with fear not knowing what or why they’re posting and it adds to the overwhelm. If you have a strategy for why you’re on social media in the first place, everything has a purpose and you can complete that marketing objective in the time you allow yourself.

Double page spread strategy document with a cup of coffee and a sunflower to the left

When I first started creating content in the summer holidays, I made a lot of mistakes. And now that I’ve helped others do it, I see a lot of people have a tendency to make the same mistakes.

So let me share with you the top 3 mistakes and how to avoid them:

  1. Stop talking too much about what you’re doing this summer. It’s great you’re having fun but just remember whenever sharing anything personal, ask yourself, why do my audience need to know this? What’s in for them? How can I link this back to business?
  2. Don’t over commit publicly and then fail to stick to the schedule. I have seen businesses commit to posting daily and then fall of the grid (literally). This doesn’t help with building trust and you can kiss goodbye to your high engagement rates.
  3. Don’t schedule and ghost. I love a scheduler for many reasons, but what doesn’t work is scheduling and then forgetting all about it. If someone takes the time to comment on your post and you’re not there…you leave a sour taste in their mouth. You need to be social if you choose to post.

Step 3: Make sure you have somewhere to direct people.

You’re likely to notice overwhelm during the summer can be heighted when you have leads building up and you have nowhere to direct them. So, what you need to do is set up an FAQ’s page or an automated calendar where new leads can request a meeting with you at a time suitable for you.

Calendar and a clock with pink background

Two ways to do this in less than 20 minutes:

  • Set up an auto responder for your email and social media inboxes. State your working hours over the summer and answer three of the top questions you’re asked. Better yet…direct them to a blog or best page on your website for more information.
  • Set up a free account with Calendly and allow people to book calls with you. This cuts out all the back and forth of finding a suitable time and allows you to only provide the days and times you can work.

I remember the first time I was balancing summer and work life I was trying to answer sales queries whilst also on a family holiday in the middle of nowhere in Norfolk. Whilst they told us it had Wi-Fi, in reality that was only if you stretched your arm out of the top window and stayed there for at least 5 minutes! I knew I was letting people down by not responding and I wish I had set up an automated response directing them to where they can get some help!

These things really can all be avoided if you just plan ahead.

And there you have it – a simple 3 -step method for creating a summer of balance when it comes to work and family. Now that you know how to avoid the overwhelm there’s just one thing left for you to do: take action. So get to it, and soon you too will enjoy your summer without the usual feeling of dread!