From redundancy in London to a successful business in Kent in 15 months!

4 Apr 2019 | #explorethedoorstep

Often we can find ourselves thrown into situations outside of our control and what we decide to do after this can shape us for the rest of our lives. Some choose to allow difficult situations to swallow them whole and find it very hard to emerge, whilst others see it as a chance to fly.

I caught up with Amy Bowler from Amy Jayne Aesthetics Limited who was dealt a massive blow 15 months ago, but instead of letting it negatively affect her, Amy took a step back, reassessed and turned it into a huge opportunity.

Whilst on maternity leave spending time with her son, Amy was offered redundancy from her job in London. I can’t imagine being put in that position as a first time mum, you’re already in a new world with this little person relying on you, to then be given this bombshell would panic the best of us.

And this is what makes Amy so inspirational, she saw it as an opportunity to start her own business, and do something which would fit around being a mum but to also earn enough money!

Next Amy started her business Amy Jayne Aesthetics Limited becoming a skincare specialist and setting up a laser clinic offering treatments, procedures and professional advice for various body and skin conditions, from unwanted tattoos to skin disorders and imperfections.

Amy offers a unique and tailored experience, working together with her clients to enhance their physical appearance and build on their inner and outer beauty and confidence.

So lets find out a little more about her journey:

First of all, let’s hear about your Family…

My family… Myself, my lovely fiancé Jamie (we got engaged in December in Vegas) and my gorgeous little boy Archie who will be 3 in August.

What made you consider aesthetic treatments as a business industry to move into?

I spent 6 months researching different industries and treatments, what was hot, what was not, who was doing what well, local competitors and up and coming treatments that people were talking about, reading reports and looking at statistics.

What was the training process like for you whilst having a young child?

The training process was hard; the course was 3 days, every week, over 5 weeks. Sundays Jamie would have him, Mondays my mother in law had him and Tuesdays I would drop him off to nursery and then start my day. It wasn’t just those 3 days though; I had lots of home study practice to do and assignments to finish. Those 5 weeks were such a blur!

It must have been so daunting moving into an entirely new industry, what was your drive and who kept you going?

Archie was and is my drive, even now he keeps me focused, and motivated to do well. I invested all of my redundancy into starting my business so I had to make it work. Failing wasn’t and isn’t an option. I look at Archie’s little face and he makes it all worth it.

You’ve won quite a few awards now, congratulations, can you tell us more about these?

Thank you! I have actually just finished my latest blog and it is all about my awards everything you need to know about my awards is on here.

What are the three most important lessons you have learnt you can share with On the Doorstep?

If you are new to business – Collaborate, Network and Research. There are lots of local networking events in and around Medway all of which are onthedoorstep!

Are you running any promotions at the moment?

I am currently offering a course of 3 sessions and you get 1 session half price (4 sessions in total), or a course of 6 sessions and you get 2 sessions free (8 sessions in total).

Finally, how do you keep yourself healthy and make sure you have some ‘me time’?

This is a difficult one! It is hard juggling life and business so I make sure I set aside time, I have an admin day once a month, I have a me day once a month, I am conscience of time me and Jamie have together “just us” and also family time. The key is having a nice healthy balance. Sometimes if I lose that balance I just take some time out to focus on what is important.

I find Amy’s courage and motivation to succeed so inspirational and I hope if you’re placed in a difficult situation this will give you some strength to realise that even if your plans are changed completely, you can still make it out in one piece, and if you’re anything like Amy with some awards too!

For more information or to contact Amy Jayne Aesthetics Limited here’s all you need to know: | Facebook