Five Top Methods to Keep your Home Secure this Christmas

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 My name is Lewis and I am the proud owner of Bluebell Locksmiths based in Kent.

Lewis owner of Bluebell Locksmiths

As we enter into the festive period, it is imperative that we do not become complacent with our home security.

Opportunist criminals know that at this time of year our homes are well stocked with high value consumables intended as gifts for our loved ones, and will actively seek out to exploit weaknesses in your security.

It is important to remember that ‘Good Will To All Men’ is not a sentiment shared by those who would seek to capitalise on your merriment.

Tip 1 – British Standard Locks

Are Your locks ‘British Standard’ Approved?

I always stress the importance of British Standard locks to my customers. British Standard locks contain high spec security features, and are rigorously tested to ensure they hold up against a multiple of different methods of forced entry.

I regularly see customers homes fitted with locks that are not up to modern standards, and it can be frightening to see how easily these locks can be defeated.


99% of British Standard locks will be clearly stamped with a Kite Mark.

If in doubt call a local locksmith to inspect your security.

(Additionally, check that your home insurance policies. It may specify that your locks must be British Standard and in some cases may invalidate your insurance)

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Tip 2 – Additional Locks     

As obvious as it sounds, fitting your home with additional locks will undoubtedly improve your home security.

Do not allow it to become an after thought.

If you have any concerns, there are many options available to add an additional line of security to your doors and windows. Depending on the type of doors/windows your options will include, chubb locks, door chains, window sash jammers etc.

Tip 3 – Locking Discipline

Take some time to familiarise yourself with how your locks work.

How do the parts move?

Where does the latches meet the keeps in the frame?

Are you locking your door to its full capability?

A common example of poor locking practice arises with a standard uPVC/composite door with a lever/pad handle. The common problem is people not understanding that closed on the latch, is not locked.

Turn Your Key. Lock your Door.

Tip 4 – Letterboxes

I do not like letterboxes. I believe that the design is the equivalent of a of a burglar cat flap. Every day, unpleasant characters gain entry to victims homes by opening the door from the inside. Often these people manage to fish out peoples keys and drive away in their pride and joy.

There are various ‘letter plate restrictors’ on the market that massively reduces vulnerability. These are inexpensive and can be fitted by a locksmith or a competent DIYer.

(Leave your keys in an area well clear of the door).

Tip 5 – Good Neighbours 

It costs nothing. Building a friendly relationship with your neighbours is also a great way to protect your home.

Are you going away over the Christmas holidays? Inform your neighbours, exchange numbers.

Neighbourhood watch areas work in the same way. Neighbours with community values will look out for each other, and also create a great place to live.      

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