Five Kent Events to Fix Boredom this Weekend

31 Jan 2020 | Kent Guides

Feeling like you just need to get out of the house and do something this weekend? Know that feeling! So I’ve got you covered.

Here are five events taking place this weekend in Kent which are bound to keep you happy:

Trainmaster Kent and Surrey: Tunbridge Wells

Photo credit Trainmaster Kent

An event to keep little minds busy in a world of trains! Trainmaster Kent and Surrey have been taking over venues across Kent and bringing a world of joy to girls and boys.

If your little one is into all things on wheels this is a great event for you.

Tickets are limited so for full details see event post.

Messy Play Paddock Wood – Greatest Mess

Photo credit: Greatest Mess

Lets face it, children absolutely love messy play…but as the ones clearing it up, we don’t love it so much in our houses. That’s why messy play events are amazing!

Your children can be creative and messy and you get so join in and have fun knowing your sofa isn’t being wrecked!

Tickets and event details can be found here!

Cheeki Monkeys Nearly New Sale Gravesend Borough Market

Image credit: Cheeki Monkeys

Maybe you’re more into shopping and would like a look around a local market? If that’s the case, the Cheeki Monkey’s Market is just for you.

Lots of bargains and the added bonus of free entry to this one!

For more information click here.

Sand Art Session

Photo Credit: Daisy Elephant Memory Quilts and Craft Den

Daisy Elephant Memory Quilts and Craft Den have a great looking event running on Sunday…have you ever created a piece of art from sand?

For the more creative amongst us this will require a good attention span, so maybe not one for the toddlers.

Open to walk in on Sunday or you can book here.

Children’s cupcake class

Photo Credit: Rose’s Tea Room

Time to get baking and what better then to make then some wizardy cupcakes in this class?!
Your child will make 6 cupcakes from the famous wizard (must be 7 or over)

For more information visit Rose’s Tea Room Facebook page

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