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29 Mar 2020 | Lifestyle, Motherhood

Written by Fashion Delivered

As a busy mum of two, I know only too well how shopping for ourselves goes totally out the window once the kids come along. Shopping, is generally the last thing on our minds, unless its for nappies, food or one of the billion other things our lovely bunnies seem to need on a daily basis.

So what to do? Well – first of all – how about a wardrobe clear out? Having a hugely cluttered wardrobe makes it difficult to decide what to put on, which means (speaking from experience) you can end up wearing the same skinny jeans and tunic top every day of the week. If you have a couple of tops, jeans and maybe a dress that you can mix up together or with other pieces, you will find your existing wardrobe will serve you much better!

Sometimes the most basic blazer worn with either a pair of jeans or over a dress can create two completely different looks.

When you do escape (all by yourself) or steal a few moments online when the kids are sleeping – making good buying choices is key:

Buy less, but buy better – If you’re anything like me, you wont be shopping for your self on a regular basis, so when you do – try and buy something that is either something you really need, or an investment purchase, that you know can be wheeled out on many different occasions.

No fast fashion – Unfortunately as we are so used to this, it’s hard to move away from product that has such amazing price points, but come on, if you’re not paying for it, someone else is. AND, not only is it likely to lose its shape/get all bobbly/fit poorly – most fast fashion is made out virgin polyester which NEVER breaks down, leaving hundreds upon thousands of tonnes per year in landfill.

Look for good value brands that have an ethical or transparent standpoint – many of the big companies have cottoned on to the fact that they must cater for more than just their cost conscious customers, competition is rife on the high street these days and there are lots of new, independent brands popping up who are doing this better than any of them.

Customisation is a really quick and cheap way to update or transform current pieces in your wardrobe – let loose your creativity! (EVERYONE has some) – doodling on collars and cuffs, adding brooches (safety clasps of course) or iron-on patches are great!

Vintage – there are so many second hand shops now, and each with its own signature handwriting – there is also a massive resale/rental market now for clothes, so have a look online for more cost effective options for designer/fashion forward goods. Depending on how much you like to rummage, the rewards can be massive!

Laundry! Lastly, looking after your clothes is really critical – you need to love them…they will look better for longer. So, in between the million loads of washing you do on a weekly basis, set aside that one off special purchase you made, perhaps of a silk blouse or merino jumper and wash it SEPARATELY – in a pillow case, little to no spin, let it dry naturally, iron if required…Always read the care instructions, they really do help!


Article from On the Doorstep Magazine May 2019.