Everything you need to know about nursing bras

12 Apr 2021 | Motherhood, Mums to be, New Mums

Written by guide partner The Bra Boss of Kent, helping you get to grips with nursing bras!

It’s a busy time prepping for a new arrival! Getting the baby’s room ready, getting a new car seat, changing mat, new cot, new toys… the list can be endless! It’s common that new mums have a long checklist for the baby, but often forget about the little things to help themselves! Often, supportive nursing bras are forgotten about until they reach that moment of desperation – and that’s where I come in!

Having correctly fitted nursing bras can make a huge difference not only to your posture and uplift, but also your confidence when feeding. This is something I wanted to offer at The Bra Boss, because I felt that these bras were often neglected on the high street, and it’s tricky to buy one that fits you properly online. I also wanted to offer ladies a PRETTY feeding bra – which also seems to be lacking elsewhere.

So many ladies have commented that nursing bra options elsewhere are either basic pull-on crop tops, boring and frumpy. But this is not the case – there ARE loads of very pretty (and still practical!) options out there – and they are here at Bra Boss HQ! 

When should I be fitted for a nursing bra and how should it fit?

There’s no “set” time to get nursing bras, but generally I would say to come and get fitted about 2 weeks before the baby is due. Some ladies prefer to wait until their baby is born, to see if breastfeeding is working for them and to see how big their breasts are once their milk comes in (things can change a lot!) I fit a nursing bra pretty much the same as an everyday bra, but with a few tweaks in the cup to ensure there is enough space once the milk does come in and allow for some fluctuation. 

A nursing bra should fit the same as all bras. The band should be nice and firm (but not too tight!) and running parallel around your back. Remember, this is the part of the bra should t give you the most support and uplift – 80% of the support in fact! Whilst breastfeeding, your breasts may feel heavier than before, so ensuring the band is nice and firm is imperative because it will give you a better lift. The straps should also be adjusted so they are firm, but not super tight or carrying the weight of the breast tissue – that’s the underband’s job!

The cups should fully incase your breast tissue. If there is any breast tissue spilling over the top or out the side of your bra, this means the cup size is too small. Sometimes the centre front of a non-wired bra will not sit flat against your breastbone no matter what size you try on. This is normal due to the bra not having a rigid wire in the cup to keep the bra sitting snug and flat against you.

I’m now going to go through the nursing bra ranges that I stock and highlight just how FAB they are! 

Panache Sophie – the soft, lacy and dare I say it, sexy one!

Sophie is a pretty (and incredibly supportive) non wired nursing bra which gives a great shape. This bra has a delicate lace overlay, which has been laminated to ensure that it is nice and smooth underneath your clothes. Brands nowadays are aware that women do not want bumpy lace showing through their T-shirt, so they will ensure the lace is nice and flat. There is a trim of peachy soft fabric along the edge of the cup, which is super comfortable against your skin.

Inside the cups, there is a hidden side sling. This will support and project your breasts forward and ensure they stay in place whilst feeding. The feeding clasps allow the cup to be discreetly dropped down and replaced with ease. Another great feature is the soft side sling hidden within the cup. Sophie comes with 6 fastening positions for greater adjustability and comfort throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

This bra is made from a 28 – 40 backs and D to J cup – so it is also available in a huge range of sizes!

I love fitting this bra, as it always seems to sit nicely on so many different breast shapes. This is because it’s made of a lovely soft stretch lace fabric, which means it will adapt to all shapes and sizes really easily.

Royce Blossom – the soft, practical, and adjustable one!

Blossom is super soft, super supportive and totally unique! This bra has a clever ruching at the centre front, which makes the fit and the appearance adjustable. It’s easy to adjust – you just pull or loosen the cord and tie it to fix it in place! You can wear this as a crop top (perfect as a sleep bra) or as more of a plunge style which works better under lower cut tops or dresses, so it’s two bras in one!

Blossom also has feeding clips, so it’s incredibly easy to nurse your baby at any time. Simply unclip, and the cup will drop down, however the integral straps will stay in place securely. This bra is smooth and gives a great shape under T-shirts too.

This bra comes in dual sizing, so one bra does cover three sizes (e.g. 34F/FF/G) to allow for fluctuation during pregnancy and nursing. This bra comes in 32 – 42 backs and C – JJ cups.

Royce Maisie – the lightweight and smooth one!

The Maisie nursing bra is based on one of Royce’s best-selling everyday bras (Maisie Comfort) where they have added the easy-to-use nursing clips. This is a great nursing T-Shirt bra because the cups are very lightly padded, giving a lovely, rounded shape underneath your clothes. The straps are soft and fully adjustable for even more support and the feeding clips are easy to use and once unclipped, the bra still stays intact with the integrated straps.

Maisie also has a soft, luxury satin trim and bow detailing which is still smooth under a T-shirt. This is a non-wired bra, but it still gives you great uplift and a fabulous shape for all occasions! Maisie is super versatile – she’s made from a 32 – 40 back and a C to a G cup so again, this covers a good range of sizes. 

Can I wear an underwired bra when I am feeding?

In short, yes you can wear a wire during your pregnancy and then whilst you are feeding. There are quite a few ladies out there who feel that a non-wired bra just doesn’t give them the support or uplift they need. For example, if you are an H cup and wear a wired bra day to day, moving to a non-wired during breastfeeding just doesn’t cut it. If you choose to wear a wired bra, you need to make sure you are properly fitted for this, and that the wire is sitting right behind your breast tissue and almost underneath your armpit. Wires alone are not the cause of blocked milk ducts or mastitis, but a badly fitted wired bra can contribute towards these issues and can cause discomfort.

Elomi Molly – the wired one!

Molly is a fabulous underwired nursing bra which offers an incredible amount of lift and support up to a KK cup! This bra is based on one of their best selling everyday wired bras, and they have added in some easy-to-use feeding clips and more support inside the cup. The three-section cup and the side support give a great shape and if you have a full rounded bust – some much-needed projection. The trim of the bra is made from a powerful stretch lace which gives a beautiful, rounded shape and adapts to your breast tissue if any fluctuation takes place. Inside of the bra is an “A frame” which basically cradles your breast and gives you extra support whilst feeding your baby. The fabric has a special ‘Feran Ice’ finishing, which means it ensures the bra washes, stains are easily removed and wicks away any moisture to help keep you cool and dry. Lastly, this bra has a soft and flexible underwire. These wires are not the same as your everyday bra wire – they are supple, flexible, and very lightweight.

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful discussing all things nursing bras. As always, I am here to offer any advice or guidance if you need any help please do call or email me!