Confidence with Katie

29 Mar 2020 | Marketing, New Mums

Written by Katie Carr

I’m worried about going back to work and how I’m going to juggling everything, have you got any tips?

It’s normal to feel like this and being organised is the key! Make sure your little one has a nursery routine in place, try to prepare everything the night before and ask for help!Stock up in advance and make a plan/rota/list so that everything is spread evenly over the week and its clear what needs doing so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

I feel sad about going back but after maternity leave but I have to, what can I do?

It can be difficult to feel motivated when going back to work when you don’t want so try and mentally prepare yourself. Go through your work wardrobe, make sure you feel good about the clothes you have and treat yourself to some new things. Perhaps see if you can take any holiday (that you may have accrued during your leave) and do a phased return to work. Talk to your manager to see if you can make the most of any flexible working your company offers such as working from home or condensed hours. Most office based companies’ offer 10 KIT days, use these attend team meetings in the run up to your return date or set up catch up with your manager and team. These days are paid so use them if you can!

I’d like to pick up my career again where I left off before I went on maternity leave but not sure how I can do this when I can’t work all the hours I use to?

You absolutely can and having a family shouldn’t stop you! Have a chat with your manager and set some goals for when you return. Be really organised with your time at work so you be focused and efficient. Try not to slip into old habits of working long hours, set clear boundaries and stick to them.

Article from On the Doorstep Magazine May 2019.