The Oliver Fisher Trust is something very close to our hearts at On the Doorstep. Every baby enters this world in their own unique way, but unfortunately some require a little extra love, care and attention and that’s where the Oliver Fisher Trust comes in.

Located in the Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent, the Oliver Fisher Neonatal Unit looks after premature or unwell babies. And in July 2018 this is where our little boy had his first night sleep.

When you’re child is born you imagine that they arrive straight into your arms and you can become one happy family, for us this wasn’t the case second time around.

I required a c-section due to health risks to both the baby and myself however there were complications during the procedure and when Liam was born it was found he had punctured his lung and also had suspected hirschsprung disease.

As I had been put under general anaesthetic I had no idea really what was going on, my mental state wasn’t brilliant when I came around (apparently this is a usual side effect when you come to) and all I wanted was to hold my baby.

I was given a two minute cuddle and then it was time for Liam to take up his residence in the Neonatal Unit. My husband went with him and I was taken off to another ward. As a mum to my new baby I was devastated that I couldn’t be with him and having had a C-section I couldn’t exactly bound down the corridors to get to him.

The next morning I forced myself out of bed to get to the Unit and nothing prepared me for what I saw in this room. You enter through large double doors and around the room you see multiple incubators housing the tiniest of babies or some very unwell babies. These precious, vulnerable little ones are completely reliant on the staff and equipment of the Oliver Fisher unit. And what care they had.

During Liam’s brief time in the unit (he was shortly moved to King’s College Hospital, London) we spoke to a number of the other parents going through their own experiences and not one person had an unkind word about the staff or the treatment of their children. I think one of the key things that has stuck with me is that I found no matter where you came from, no matter your background or beliefs, everyone in this area was unified by the love they had for the little ones fighting in that room.

The Oliver Fisher Neonatal staff provided us families with the support we needed at one of the most difficult times. We are extremely fortunate that Liam was only in hospital for 15 days (across the two sites), however there are some parents needing to visit their children for months on end and this is where the Trust comes in to really help.

So if this has struck a cord with you and you feel that you would like to help, please do! You can either donate to the Charity or you could purchase some merchandise. Every little helps and you would be contributing to saving a life and keeping a family together.

Our gorgeous boy at 4 months old