Can Osteopathy Help My Baby?

10 Sep 2020 | Motherhood, Mums to be, New Mums

By Emily Smith – registered osteopath, reflexologist and homeopath

Could osteopathy be just what your baby needs?

As a mother of twins myself, I know how hard giving birth can be for your body, as well as for your baby. Excessively long or slow labors, ‘back to back’, breech, C.section and forceps or ventouse assisted deliveries can leave babies with misshapen heads, bruised faces heads, increased cranial pressure and muscle strain and tension.

While this type of trauma tends to resolve for the most part with time, it is frequently associated with common childhood complaints including colic, reflux, silent reflux, sticky eyes/conjunctivitis, difficulty feeding, some types of tongue tie, bowel issues, poor sleep and flat spots/misshapen heads, also know as deformational plagiocephaly.

One of my 5 week old patients receiving cranial osteopathy
One of my 5 week old patients receiving cranial osteopathy

Parents are often surprised to find these complaints can be effectively treated using osteopathy, a manual therapy recognised as an NHS Allied health profession. Having studied for 4 years to gain a masters degree in osteopathy and with 8 years experience supporting pre and postnatal care, I have a particular interest and broad knowledge base in female health and paediatric treatment.

Review and image of treatment room.
Natural Holistic Balance – our treatment room

From my practice, Natural Holistic Balance, in Charing near Ashford in Kent, I use a variety of direct and rhythmic movements, stretches and manipulations to target soft tissues, joints and circulation to improve, restore and optimise movement and function.

Treatment for babies and children tends to require cranial osteopathy, which is a form of osteopathy used to assess, release and correct subtle pressure, strain, movement and stress in the body through very passive, soft contact.

Most children fall asleep during treatment, which can usually be given while feeding, sleeping, cuddled or playing, with changes to their symptoms apparent after one or two sessions.

If you’re curious about how osteopathy could help you or your child, please get in touch or visit for more info and testimonials.

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