Boredom Busters: Activities for three year old’s

13 Apr 2020 | Activities, Lock Down, Motherhood

We are now moving into week four of lock down in the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic and I don’t know about you but I have been in need of a solid routine to keep me going.

To begin with my husband was home as we needed to self isolate, but now he’s returned to work as a key worker, so keeping a one year old and a three year old happy and busy now falls solely with me.

So I have pulled together some ideas for anyone else in a similar situation so you can have some fun but also encourage a bit of learning too!

Letter Recognition

This one is inspired by the Five Minute Mum and is an absolutely brilliant game!

You write out the letters of your child’s name, then sound them out together and challenge them to hit the letter you call out.

We also switched this round and I asked Holly to tell me which letter she would hit.

Letter of the Week

Since pre-school is closed and Holly will be starting school in September, I wanted to make sure she was still prepared for the transition to big school.

So with this in mind, we are working on a letter per week with lots of different activities.

Holly loves all the games so much now she asking for them all the time. I don’t think she realises she is learning which is great!!


Like most people, I was in no way prepared to be locked down with my three year old and one year old, and something I felt I needed at the beginning was a printer.

I could see all these templates being shared and I was frustrated I couldn’t do this with my little ones…that was until I realised I could just draw them!

Yes, they are not the best quality, but they do the job and Holly knows I have made them so to her they are really special.

I use Pinterest a lot for ideas on what to create in the work book. So far we have had letter dot the dots, match the pictures and asking Holly to draw the hair on people.


Sometimes Holly just needs something a little different, so when it comes to educational games, we have been using PhonicsPlay. It’s great for sounding out all of the letters and for Holly to use the computer.

I still play with her, as she can’t read yet and needs to hear all the words in order to complete the game.

It’s been great seeing her improved over the last few weeks and at the moment it’s free to use.

Arts and Crafts

Some glue, paint and glitter always goes down well with Holly as she loves being creative. So a few times a week now we have started making new creations out of what used to be called rubbish!

For example over the Easter weekend we made some flowers out of an egg box!

It was really simple and took up a nice bit of time working together to make.

But sometimes…

All they really need is a film and a cuddle. This time is particularly overwhelming with the change in routine, not seeing their friends and family and having to generally stay away from people, so keep things fun and remember to let them come to you and never force an activity.

I would love to see what you are getting up to, tag me on Facebook or Instagram to share your pictures!

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