Baby Ballet: Maidstone, Malling and Medway

31 Mar 2019 | Baby & Toddler Groups, Classes, Review, Things to Do

I’m so glad that we enrolled Holly to join Baby Ballet a year and a half ago. She learnt some amazing skills and made a great little friend, what more can I ask for?

I was a little concerned before Holly started as I was pregnant and I didn’t want to start if they wouldn’t be able to accommodate a baby in the room, but after communicating my concern they were happy to inform me that so long as the sibling doesn’t interrupt the session, it’s fine.

For the first term Holly either just sat back or joined in with a couple of the dance moves which led me to question was it worth the money joining. However it soon became apparent that Holly was learning by watching, as at home, she would happily display her good toes and naughty toes.

During a class for ‘tinies’ (18 months to 3 years old) you can expect upbeat songs, Baby Ballet routine moves repeated weekly, wands, scarfs and bubbles and a wrap up dance with twinkle bear.

Over time Holly came to really look forward to Baby Ballet weekly. I think her love of the class was also assisted by the CD they give you when you first join. I started to play this when we were in the car so that Holly would recognise the songs in class and this worked a treat.

As I became more heavily pregnant the dance teachers began assisting me a little more by encouraging Holly to join in with them and she loved this! To be taken by the teacher seemed to be a special recognition to her and once this was done a couple of times it was seen as the norm. I can’t thank Miss Amy and Miss Charmaine enough for this.

During the classes they will also have weekly themes and sometimes for either charity days or festive celebrations the children will be asked to dress up. Holly also took part in a Peppa Pig danceathon where she managed to raise £100!

I really do credit baby ballet with helping Holly’s physical development as she learnt to side step, skip and jump.

By the end of our time there (Liam was 6 months old by this point) it was clear attending tinies had come to an end and Holly was ready to move onto a dance school.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to get their little ones into dance to start off with Baby Ballet as you stay in the room with them (dance schools don’t allow this) and it’s not strict so it won’t be off putting whilst they are learning.

And finally when you see you little one tip toe all the way to the teacher and spin for their certificate you will be so full of pride you will almost burst so be prepared for that!!