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So happy to have your business feature in the On the Doorstep Directory. Adding your business is simple.

All you need to do from here is:

1. select the category you want your business to be found in
2. select which package you would like; FREE, basic or featured 
3. add your details and photos
4. submit ready for your listing to be approved

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Basic Listing

With this basic listing your business will feature higher in the directory list. Your business will also feature once per month in the On the Doorstep social media stories on Facebook and Instagram. You will also be able to share your business once per month into the Kent Mum tribe community.

  • 30 days (Recurring)
  • 5 images allowed.
£ 2.99
Days Out Listing
  • 90 days
  • 3 images allowed.
Featured Listing

As a premium featured listing your business will be shared once per month in the On the Doorstep Facebook and Instagram stories. You will also have the ability to post your business in the Kent Mum Tribe community weekly.

  • 30 days (Recurring)
  • 12 images allowed.
£ 9.99
Free Listing

If you choose this category your listing will be free. Your business will feature in the On the Doorstep directory. If you wish to have more exposure on the On the Doorstep social media platforms, consider upgrading to basic or featured.

  • Never Expires
  • 1 image allowed.
On the Doorstep Directory Collaborator

As an On the Doorstep Directory Sponsor/Collaborator you have access to a featured listing for free during your time as a sponsor.

  • 100 days
  • 12 images allowed.

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