7 Tips for Mama’s & Expectant Mums Who Want to Work Out at Home

21 Apr 2020 | Motherhood, New Mums

Written by Lucy, Strong Mama Collective

Set yourself realistic goals & don’t put pressure on yourself

Believe it or not exercise can & SHOULD be enjoyable! It can be that small time in your day or week where you get to spend it dedicated solely on yourself, which is super important. Don’t take the fun out of exercise by setting unrealistic goals you know aren’t achievable. If your short on time, set yourself little goals like moving for 30 minutes everyday, whether that’s a family walk or a set workout.

Do it first thing in the morning if you can

If you can workout in the morning you should 100% go for it. I’m not a morning person, even though my 10 month old son is an early riser, like lots of little ones. But when I workout in the morning it sets up my whole day. You will get a boost in energy, it will improve your mood (by releasing those amazing endorphins) making one happy mama and it takes the pressure of trying it fit it in in the day.

Little ones love to get involved & watch you

If you haven’t got anyone to look after your little ones you can get them involved. Your workout probably won’t go to plan, there will probably be nappy changes & cuddles needed throughout, but if you embrace it & know it’s coming it won’t get in the way of you enjoying it.

Little ones love to watch you move in new ways they haven’t seen before & love music, so wack your favourite songs on! Older ones will probably want to get involved so make it a family thing.

Set out your workout clothes the day before & wear something that makes you feel GOOD!

If you lack the motivation to get started, set your workout clothes out the night before. When you get ready in the morning put them on & it will get you in the mindset of moving. If you wear clothes that make you feel good it will massively motivate you as well.

Start slow & short

If your just starting exercise postpartum make sure you wait until at least 6 weeks pp (10 weeks if you’ve had a c-section) & have had your check up with the GP. Please make sure you listen to your body & start slowly, there is absolutely no rush & your body needs time.

You have done a phenomenal thing and you really don’t need to ‘bounce back’ or ‘get your old body back’. You now have a body that’s stronger & more capable than ever, especially if you give it the care it needs.

If you train regularly, remember that you don’t need to workout for a long time. You can have a brilliant & effective workout in 20 minutes.

LISTEN to your body

Mama’s the best thing you can do is LISTEN to your body. If you’re tired, try having a slow stretch or wiggle. If you have more energy, try a workout or dance to get moving. Only you will know what’s right on that day & your body knows best, so please don’t ‘push through’ especially in pregnancy & postpartum.

Join an online class!

There are lots of free workouts on social media & youtube which is amazing & even more online classes available now.

When your choosing a class or workout make sure its suitable for you. Especially if you are pregnant or are a new mama, as the majority of these workouts aren’t build with pre & post natal ladies in mind, so aren’t suitable. Also make sure the instructor is pre & post natal qualified and aware of your needs, so they can give adaptations to make is safe & effective.

You can find pregnancy & post-natal specific classes & workouts out there (like mine!) so you can find something that fits for you. Just remember to have fun & ask lots of questions if you have them, the instructor will be more than happy to help you.

I hope you’ve found these seven tips useful & that they help you get moving at home. If you want to find out more about our Strong Mama Collective classes & personal training you can on our website www.strongmamaco.com/online-training

You can join us on Saturday’s for Pregnancy Strength 9.30-10.30am & Restore & Recover 8-9am, for new mums from 6 weeks pp up to 6 years pp. All classes have a focus on your core, pelvic floor & full body strength, lead by a qualified pre & post natal fitness specialist. We are all about strong & functional bodies, body confidence & community.

If you have any questions about exercise in pregnancy or postpartum feel free to drop me a message on lucy@strongmamaco.com or socials @strongmamaco I’m more than happy to support you.