22 Ideas for Busy Mums to Get Organised and Create some Guilt Free Me Time

11 Sep 2019 | Motherhood, Uncategorized

Written by Laura Chambers

September is a very busy month; some mums are starting new school routines, others getting back to grips with old ones and some continuing on through like summer never happened. It’s also a time for colds and bugs to start taking hold so make sure you don’t burn out with your ever evolving busy schedules and allow for some guilt free me time!

Here’s 22 ideas on how to get organised and what to do with the time you have created to allow some time for you .

1. Getting Organised

You can’t complete all of your tasks and create time for yourself if you don’t know what’s going on in your day or week. Make sure you have the whole family schedule saved somewhere very accessible and have the ability to share it. When everyone is on the same page (literally) there will be no double booking or miscommunication.

Diary apps are great for this. I can highly recommend TimeTree. You can colour code your calendar so each person (and pet) has their own code resulting in the most organised diary you will ever have!

Ditch the paper diaries and go for an app

2. Meal Prep

We all know that we should be prepared and get ahead of the game when it comes to family meals. You want to make sure you’re feeding your family nice, healthy meals and not another convenient dinner, even though they do have their place.

If you know your child has an after school club and there’s no possible way you will be able to cook, why not try a slow cooker recipe. Or if you struggle with a crying baby in the hour before dinner time, pre-cut and prepare all of your meals and store everything in the fridge or freezer to be used during the week.

Pinterest is absolutely full of great ideas for this!

Feel like a boss in the kitchen

3. Learn to Say No

Even though we may like to think we can do everything, we can’t, it’s just not possible. So when a friend asks you for a favour which just pushes you too far outside your comfort zone, or your boss wants you to add more to your already high workload, be happy and confident in saying no.

You are not wanting to be unhelpful, but if you take too much on you will be no good to anyone. Push back and say you have a little too much on at the moment, but you would be willing to help in a week or so.

There is no weakness in having to say you’re at your limit!

Feel confident in saying no

4. Stock Up

Make sure you have your medicine cabinet fully stocked so when a member of the family, or god forbid you, start to feel a little cold coming on you can fight it instantly. Many people swear by herbal remedies as well, so do a little research, find what you’re happy with and make sure your cupboards are ready!

Don’t let the colds get to you this year

So now you have got yourself organised, what are you going to do with all this free time you find yourself with? Here’s some ideas….

Quick ideas:

  • Paint your nails
  • Find a meditation video on YouTube and practice for 10 minutes
  • Journal and write about everything you are grateful for
  • Go for a quick walk and get some fresh air
  • Read a chapter of a book
  • Listen to an audible book whilst sitting in your favourite place in the house
  • Do nothing for 5 minutes, just sit in the peace and quiet

Slightly more time:

  • Have a nice bubble bath
  • Go to the gym
  • Catch up on a TV series you keep missing
  • Read another chapter of your book
  • Phone a friend you haven’t been able to speak to lately as you don’t have the time
  • Find a yoga video and get stretching

If you find you have an hour or more:

  • Go out for a nice long lunch with a friend
  • Pamper yourself with a spa treatment
  • Have a nap
  • Spend time on a creative hobby and make something
  • Go for a nice long countryside walk – trust me Kent is full of them

Whatever you do and how ever much time you have, please do not feel guilty for taking some time for you. It can be so tough as mums to take some time as we often place ourselves last. But remember, if you’re not ok how will everyone else be?

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