17 things you should avoid saying to a pregnant woman.

6 Feb 2021 | Motherhood

Why is it people feel they can say what they want to a pregnant woman? It’s like because you have a human growing inside of you, all social etiquette is thrown out of the window and censorship used within conversation is abandoned!

Well no more!

If you’re pregnant and you feel people are being a little inappropriate with their comments.  Here’s a list of the main things mums-to-be absolutely hate, so you know you’re not being unreasonable getting frustrated!

  1. “You look ready to pop/drop”.
  2. “You’ve got big”.
  3. “From the size of you it could be twins”.
  4. “Took you long enough to get pregnant didn’t it?”
  5. Saying what they can and cannot eat/drink.
  6. Sharing negative birth stories.
  7. “Are you sure it’s not twins?”
  8. “Do you know what it is?” (errrr a baby )
  9. The worst thing is when people touch your bump without the green light to do so.
  10. Phone call / text – “Has baby arrived yet”
  11. “Do you really need to eat two slices of cake?!”
  12. “If you formula feed, you’ve failed.”
  13. “It’s just morning sickness, why can’t you come into work.”
  14. “Braxton hicks are mild discomfort.”
  15. “And the real name is”
  16. “No pain relief?!? Oh bless you, you’ll be begging for an epidural when you get to hospital.”
  17. “Have you had the baby yet?”

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