15 Things to do in Kent to celebrate the end of lock down when it comes.

27 Mar 2020 | Kent Guides

I’m writing this after the first week of Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ in the UK and thought, to help us all get through it, it would be nice to think of all the fun things we can do in Kent, once we are allowed out again.

I am making a presumption here that this is going to over in the Summer, so if we go past that point, I will share a new list!

So here we go….

  1. Book a big family meal at your local pub or restaurant and celebrate being back together. Not only will this be a great experience but will also boost your local pubs and restaurants too.
  2. Go to Dreamland and enjoy everything it has to offer from the waltzers to the old wooden rollercoaster. Go on the rides you were scared of before and just embrace it all.
  3. Take the children to the beach after school and get fish and chips…just because you can.
  4. Complete the walk you’ve always been putting off. For me it’s the trail from Reculver to Minnis Bay.
  5. Take your little children to your local farm attraction and let them enjoy the animals again. I’m sure they have missed them too.
  6. Get a McDonald’s! …. Extra Large.
  7. Get your hair booked in with your local hairdresser or your usual hairdresser. They need you and I think by the end of all of these, we will need them!
  8. Visit Groombridge Enchanted Forest! I mentioned this in a previous blog and I was so excited to go and then all this happened…fingers crossed it will be warmer anyway now.
  9. Go to your local market and buy something from your local businesses. It’s been a tough time for the self-employed and they offer so much.
  10. Book tickets for a play or a gig in Kent. Don’t let having children be your excuse for not going out…you need to have some fun too.
  11. Go to one of Kent’s local spa’s and truly relax and unwind.
  12. Continue to help out. If you’ve been helping a retirement centre, carry on. Their loneliness was highlighted in all of this, don’t let it go back to being ok.
  13. Buy a kite, visit a national park and let that it fly! Or better still, make one with your children during lockdown so it will be a big occasion when you can all finally let it go together.
  14. Attend the village fete’s and continue to support your local community.
  15. Continue to smile at everyone you see!

Note: I am not encouraging anyone to get out and meet up until the government have ended lock down and confirmed that it is safe for everyone to do so.