10 Things To Do With Your New Born Baby in Kent

10 Aug 2019 | Kent Guides, Motherhood, Mums to be, New Mums

1. Capture the moment

When you bring your gorgeous little bundle of joy home you really want to capture just how tiny they are as they grow really quickly, trust me, the cliché is true.

I would suggest creating a mood board on Pinterest detailing all the styles you like for newborn photography and don’t forget to include yourselves in this. Mums and Dads need to be included too.  By understanding what you like you won’t waste time trying to set things up, but instead you will have a plan.

Next you need to decide whether you will take the photo’s yourself or do you want a professional to do this for you.

I took lots of photos on my iPhone, I was a stay at home mum conscious of budgeting and I do love my photos. I also then worked with Louise Harrington to capture our second baby’s photos and this was lovely.

For professional photoshoots On the Doorstep would like to suggest:

Hannah Cornford Photography

Hannah takes the most exquisite new-born photos. The type of photos you will have hanging up forever. Truly professional, please do take a look.

Emma Stokes Photography

Emma offers gorgeous lifestyle newborn photo shoots from home. Whilst I love the professional styles, I have to say that this style edges it a little for me. The moments Emma captures creates a window into the love of this newly formed family. It’s such a precious moment to capture and it must be so lovely working in this way.

So whichever way you decide to do, just make sure you do it! Capture the moment and have these photos to look back on forever.

2. Baby Casting

This is a beautiful way to remember just how tiny those hands and feet really are. Creating a keepsake to truly treasure.

Christine from Babyprints Tunbridge Wells can also capture the whole family so if you also want to be included in the cast, this is an option which is amazing! And the pets don’t need to be left out either. 

Image Credit: Babyprints Tunbridge Wells Product

3. Mummy MOT

After having had a baby there is no question your body will have completely changed and I am willing to guess that most of us don’t really appreciate just how much. You will have spent nine months (or around that time) which your body do amazing things allowing your baby to grow, but what happens afterwards.

There is so much pressure on some mums to have to ‘snap back’ but this is so wrong. Our bodies need time to heal and sometimes so much more time than we ever anticipated.

The Mummy MOT Practitioners offer an opportunity to have a full service and MOT!

Image credit: the mummy MOT

4. Record the Milestone

Wild and Tame are a fabulous Kent based company creating luxurious clothes and products with stunning designs.

These blankets provide a brilliant way to capture the milestones and ensure you keep on track of those all-important moments.

Great as a gift at a baby shower or something to treat yourself too.

5. Enjoy the Cuddles and Start Reading

It’s never too early to start reading to your little one, it develops your bond. It’s is a lovely experience cuddling your baby and sharing your favourite stories.

Lauren’s Lovely Little Library is a great place to go online to buy the classics and some new books for your baby to enjoy.

Lauren is brilliant at providing the personal touch as well, if you explain what type of book you’re after, she will pick out items she feels will suit you and your requirements.

Plus, if you follow Lauren’s Facebook page you also get lots of great tips!

6. Make Sure Your Breasts Are Supported

During pregnancy and afterwards we all know our bodies go through a vast change, but do we ever really consider that whilst we may be able to squeeze back into our pre-baby clothes, our bra’s actually need to be re-fitted.

The Bra Boss of Kent decided to focus on the three areas of lingerie that she feels is currently missing in Kent. Sports bras, Nursing/ Maternity and Mastectomy bras. They’re all needed at a specific time in a woman’s life, or for a specific reason.  Having a baby, surviving an illness or even running a marathon are all HUGE life events that should be celebrated – or more importantly, be SUPPORTED.

7. Understand What’s Going On With Sleep

It can take a long time for our children to get into a sleep routine and sometimes it can become very overwhelming when you feel everyone else has achieved it and you haven’t.

Don’t go through this alone, instead talk about your concerns or discuss questions with Claire from Sweet Beginnings BabyCare.

Claire also offers some amazing tips in our On the Doorstep magazines so have a read to check these out!

8. Ready, Steady, Exercise

After having your baby there will come a day when you want to be able to exercise again and start to feel like a bit of the ‘old you’.

Pre-baby you could probably rock up to the gym, maybe have a spa treatment or just chill out in the pool. But now this is all different. With a baby to consider you don’t have the luxury of spending hours away so instead why not join a post-natal exercise group.

It’s amazing because you’re able to bring your baby along with you, you begin exercising again and you also make some nice friends. What more could you want!

Harmony Fitness is a favourite of ours as I have actually been to Kate’s Legs, Bums and Bubbas classes after Liam was born!

And as an added bonus, Kate has now launched her online classes too!

Image Credit: Harmony Fitness

9. Join the Kent Mum Tribe

On the Doorstep has created a Facebook community for mums in Kent – the Kent Mum Tribe.

A place to discuss all things motherhood for mums-to-be and mums whether you’re a mum to be or you have 1,2 or 5 children we are there for each other and we’re completely unfiltered.

None of this covering up the bad times, we discuss everything, sharing all the stories which will make you realise that nothing is ‘wrong’ with you but actually, we’re all in this together.

No mum should feel alone so join us now and get chatting to other mums in Kent.

Be this happy joining us!

10. Make The Most of Your Local Library

In most of the Libraries around Kent there will be baby and toddler groups running for free.

These groups are a great way to get out of the house, allow your baby to socialise and take part in a fun group as well as you meeting other mums.

You might not feel completely comfortable at first, but trust me, the babies love it!

Image Credit: Kent County Council